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Aleksander Vinter, aka Savant’s has been exploring the international music soundscape, and he’s set his sights on the rhythms of Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa as the inspiration for his new project as Blanco.

As Savant, Vinter has taken on everything from video game soundtracks to the music of the Middle East, but with Blanco, he takes a more cross-cultural approach. Vinter offers a fresh perspective on the various musical styles that he wanted to incorporate by enlisting the help of artists who are deeply entrenched in the music scenes of the Caribbean and beyond.

On the track “Carpe Diem,” Jamaican reggae singer Turbulence contributed fast-paced lyricism, and the insatiable Latin urban/electro song “Camarilla” features Puerto Rican superstar Dyland (of Dyland & Lenny). The most recent single “Bailamos” features dancehall-style vocals from Eben Jr., who has roots in both Sierra Leone and Liberia. The EP also has a few fiery instrumental cuts and a vocal feature from Scandinavian rapper SVNR.

Aleksander is planning a run of two or three more Blanco EPs featuring a diverse cast of collaborators following ‘Bajo,’ so keep an eye on this space for more news.

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Stream Blanco’s ‘Bajo’ EP below: