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Italian duo Ckrono & Slesh premiere their new track “Slang.” Read the full story via Complex’s UK branch here.

Club music is an inclusive community—or at least, it should be—and no matter where you are in the world, you too can be part of the clan. Our latest find comes in the form in Italy’s Ckrono & Slesh, a duo whose love affair with UK funky, Afrobeats, and Braile funk we are more than happy to see continue. On Nov. 6, they’ll release their new EP, Slang (via Enchufada), and today, they’re giving Complex the title track’s first play, telling us over email: “After getting inspired by the Angolan community in Florence, we passed the last 6 months being stuck on the Afro-house rhythms. We were so much into it that Slang‘s rhythmic and snaily melodic parts came out pretty quickly, and naturally. We then arranged the bass in the style of the British bass scene, added some Brazilian funk elements to strengthen the rhythmic, and here we are today.”

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