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Click here for the full SPILLEDNOISE EP stream on THUMP. 

Edgy and restless in all the right ways, Noer the Boy‘s latest release on digital label Liquid Amber never stays in one place for long. In fact, no two bars on the six-song SPILLEDNOISE EP ever seem to repeat in full. This sort of OCD programming can end up as irritating as it is adventurous, but in the hands of the Oshkosh, Wisconsin native, things never meander too far from the central head-nodding theme, making for avant-bass music you can ponder deeply or actually enjoy with your homies.

“It’s progressive without being indulgent, which is a tough balance to strike,” label curator DJ Shadow told THUMP. “When Noah sent me the EP, I was driving on the freeway and just started laughing and shaking my head. That’s when I knew I had to put it out. There’s so much personality in his music.”

Opening and closing cuts “Slumpy” and “Goodnight Oakland” hit the blogs a few days ago, but we’ve got the full EP on streaming right here. The package hits theLiquid Amber Bandcamp page on March 29.