Over the past two decades hip-hop music has taken the world by storm. From the old school days when the DJ was a rock-star and the MC was his hype man, to the era of big name “rappers”, and now back to the DJ / Producer being the main man. One person who has withstood all these years as a world-class DJ and “super” producer is DJ MUGGS. Lawrence, “Muggs”, Muggerud was born in January, 1968, and grew up in Queens, NY, before moving to Los Angeles in 1984. DJ MUGGS, known through-out the world as the DJ & producer for CYPRESS HILL has a long track record as not only a champion DJ but as someone who has produced music that has sold over 20 million units! He is also one of the few DJ’s to transcend several eras and styles and still maintain a very successful and relevant career. This path was a long-time in the making.