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Read the full article by Beatport and watch the Mini Mix video here.

“First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes techno in a baby carriage,” reads the last line of Tiger Tooth’s biography. If that sounds slightly zany to you, then you’ve managed to capture the gist of the Brooklyn trio.

The threesome—which includes musician Johnny Siera (of former art punk band The Death Set), producer Will Broussard, and visual artist Sofia Szamosi—represent a meshing of live, banging, analog techno with DIY visuals that wouldn’t look out of place in Nylon, Paper, or on tumblr. Art and music go together like techno and black t-shirts, and their videos (such as this one) balance a crafty cuteness and darkness too intriguing to turn away from.

Today, Tiger Tooth are releasing the remixes for their first two singles, “Tiger Asylum” and “Baboon Heart,” on their Baby Tooth imprint. For the occasion, they’ve created a visual mini-mix, which Beatport is exclusively premiering above. In eight minutes, Siera and Broussard slam through the records, turning their dim-lit room into a heaving warehouse with their live setup. Meanwhile, Szamosi shows off some sweet dance moves and the contents of her closet in her bedroom with the kind of impromptu routine that precedes a big night out.

1. “Baboon Heart”, Tiger Tooth
2. “Baboon Heart (Krames Remix)”, Tiger Tooth
3. “Tiger Asylum”, Tiger Tooth
4. “Tiger Asylum (Klienfeld Remix)”, Tiger Tooth
5. “Tiger Asylum (Power Outage Remix)”, Tiger Tooth