Since they came onto the EDM scene last year with a string of highly praised releases on Buygore and Firepower Records, including a collaboration with Protohype that reached the Top 20 on Beatport’s Dubstep chart, Miami-based sister duo Danielle and Gabrielle Verderese, aka Duelle, have become a serious force to be reckoned with in 2015.

The multicultural backdrop of growing up in Miami certainly has had its influence on this dynamic duo. The sisters draw their inspiration from a combination of Britney Spears’ dance moves, the theatrical elegance of Lady Gaga, and the rap stylings of Nicki Minaj, which they fuse into their very own pop and hip hop informed take on the world of EDM. Duelle’s vocal style varies from euphoria-inducing melodies to fiery rap skills, and their unforgettably energetic performances feature live vocals mixed with DJing.  Not too far on the horizon, Duelle will also introduce and incorporate their extensive background in classical dance to the stages.

“DJ’ing, singing/rapping our hit tracks, and incorporating trained dance will bring art and music to a whole new level.” say Duelle on their live show. “You won’t know whether you are at an EDM rave, hip hop show or dance concert because you will be caught in it all. We are molding the future of where music and “live” shows are headed.”

Following two recent sold out shows at 1000+ capacity venues in Chicago alongside LNY TNZ and Getter, Duelle have several headline dates and festival appearances this spring and summer, including shows with Showtek, 3LAU, Breathe Carolina, Yellow Claw, Henry Fong, Kennedy Jones, and many more.