Started by L.A. beat scene trailblazers, The Glitch Mob, the Glass Air Records label was established in 2010 with the release of their highly-acclaimed debut album Drink The Sea.

Since then, the trio has released their entire discography through the imprint. Glass Air has also catapulted a number of side projects and collaborations with other artists into the electronic forefront, including the 10 year anniversary of edIT’s first album Crying Over Pros For No Reason, which went on to become a hallmark of the glitch hop scene, and albums from forward-thinking DJ duo PANTyRAiD, made up of Ooah from the Glitch Mob and Marty Party.

Following the 2014 release of The Glitch Mob’s sophomore album Love Death Immortality, Glass Air has started to branch out and release music from other artists endorsed by the trio.  Yaarrohs, whose gorgeous vocals on “Fly By Night Only” were a highlight of Love Death Immortality, put out her ethereal ‘Flesh & Blood’ EP with the imprint. Most recently, Glass Air has presented the debut of British producer Ipman with his Depatterning LP, which the Glitch Mob proclaims “successfully rides the line between bass-heavy club smashers and nuanced listening.”  Depatterning marked the label’s first release from an artist outside of their immediate creative circle.

The Glitch Mob places importance on originality in the cultivation of one’s musical career and their vision is apparent through the Glass Air imprint.  “One thing we always tell people is, “Be you,” and don’t just try and make what your peers are making and don’t try and make what other popular artists make just because they’re popular,” says the Glitch Mob. “We just tell people to be original, try something new, try and be unique and don’t copy other people. Obviously everyone’s influenced by everything, but really strive to be your own voice in the world.”

The trio have plans to continue expanding the label further with more releases from up and coming electronic artists.