Back in 90’s San Francisco; Scott, Gavin and Robbie Hardkiss helped pioneer the American Underground/EDM/Rave scene with their club nights, warehouse parties and groundbreaking record label. They forged a new direction for dance music with a string of vinyl releases culminating in the seminal compilation Delusions Of Grandeur.

Delusions Of Grandeur made the Billboard Dance charts, went to #1 on the Rolling Stone Alternative Album chart and launched the international DJ/production careers of the Hardkiss brothers. This hard-to-find compilation will now celebrate its 20th Anniversary with an officialrelease date of May 25th, 2015. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for fans to get their hands on all of the Hardkiss classics.

Hardkiss are an original DJ band. For many of their fans, Delusions of Grandeur was the first time they encountered electronic dance music. The Rave scene was raging and Hardkiss DJs, Gavin, Robbie & Scott were hitting multiple cities every weekend, introducing a new generation to their psychedelic funk techno sound collages.  It was unclassified music. Before there were genres, there was Hardkiss.

Acclaimed British music journalist Kris Needs declared that “Hardkiss’ music defies musical barriers, time and space with off-the-teabags loved-out majesty and manages to suspend the listener in a bottomless pool of fragrant intoxicants and rabbit aphrodisiac heart rhythms.” Additionally, through PledgeMusic, Hardkiss are offering all of the B-sides which were only featured on the original vinyl from ’90-‘99, plus their favorite remixes from that era (many of which have never been released before) including Scott Hardkiss’ fabled remix of Elton John’s “Rocket Man” and other bootlegs including Gavin Hardkiss’ edit of The Beatles’ “My Sweet Lord.” More than 50 songs are featured including the track (circa 1991) “Champagne Beat Boogie” which was featured in the movie Groove. There are also remixes of Mazzy Star, The Lords of Acid and The Sandals.

A year after the heartbreaking loss of “brother” Scott Hardkiss, Gavin and Robbie Hardkiss partnered with Scott’s wife Stephanie, to relaunch the Hardkiss Music label with the release of a new album last year: Hardkiss – 1991 which was described by Magnetic Magazine as “a throwback to that heady time as well as a timely loop into the future.” Reunited in the Bay Area four years ago, Gavin and Robbie produced this album that stands tall in the often repetitive worldof electronic dance music. Named for the year the Hardkiss collective was formed, 1991 references the sounds and sentiments of their early rave days while exploring new musical directions.

In 2015, Hardkiss are celebrating the 20th anniversary of Delusions of Grandeur.  The out-of-print album will be released digitally for the first time. A commemorative 20th Anniversary double CD includes a 32-page booklet written by Terry Matthews of 5Magazine.  This and other special offers including vinyl and The Hardkiss Vault ’91 – ’99 are available exclusively via a PledgeMusic campaign.